GG’s Waterfront Bar and Grill

GG’s Waterfront Bar and Grill

GG’s Waterfront Bar and Grill is an upscale restaurant located on the waterfront of Ft. Lauderdale with a modern menu and great happy hour specials. Known for their stone crab legs and beautiful patio overlooking the water.

View from GG's bar area. Awesome spot for happy hour in Ft. Lauderdale! via
GG’s outside bar area. Awesome spot for happy hour in Ft. Lauderdale!

If you’re in Ft. Lauderdale looking for delicious local cuisine with a view to watch the sunset and enjoy the Florida warmth, then GG’s Waterfront Bar and Grill should be your first choice!

You’ve already seen the gorgeous view (and wine) if you follow me on Instagram but now you get all the details! During our stay at Margaritaville, we headed to GG’s for happy hour on Saturday. It rained most of the day Saturday but the evening actually gave way and we were blessed with a clear sky perfect for watching the sunset over the bay.

GG’s was a VERY short walk from Margaritaville which was a nice surprise. Waze estimated about ten minutes but once we were outside it turned out to be about a two minute walk, if that.

When staying at Margaritaville or the surrounding resorts in Ft. Lauderdale, GG’s Waterfront Bar and Grill should be on your “must go” list of restaurants!

We would have went back to GG’s (multiple times) but with only one night left there were still other places we wanted to try! Trust me though, we dreamt about the Pow! Pow! Shrimp and Ahi Tuna Tacos. I wish we had a GG’s around Ellicott City! (did you hear that GG’s??)


We ordered four different appetizers from the happy hour menu – everything sounded SO good it was hard not to just get one of each!

We started with an order of Stone Crab Legs as that is one of the best seasonal dishes GG’s is known for!  How can you go without ordering what the restaurant is known for?! Stone Crab Legs are served cold with a mayonnaise dipping sauce. We thought the legs were actually better without dipping them. I will say, we are also crab fanatics from Maryland and used to not dipping crab into anything. We like it just the way it is 🙂

Stone Crab legs with dipping sauce from GG's Waterfront Bar and Grill in Ft. Lauderdale FL via
Stone Crab legs with a mayonnaise based dipping sauce from GG’s

Stone Crab Legs are super easy to crack into and you get large pieces of sweet meat. We were a little surprised that they come cold. Ty said they have an Alaskan king crab feel to them.

If you’ve had Snow crab legs before, Stone crab legs have a VERY similar taste. Definitely a local appetizer that should be ordered at GG’s!

Next – Ahi Tuna Tacos come in crunchy tortilla shells with flavorful ahi tuna seared to perfection. The tacos are topped with chives and layered atop a lettuce mixture. They have an Asian style to them with sweet flavoring. The tuna is tender and fresh with NO fishy taste. The crunchy shell meshes well with the soft tuna!

Ahi Tuna Tacos from GG's Waterfront Bar and Grill in Ft. Lauderdale - crunchy shell with fresh seared ahi tuna via
Ahi Tuna Tacos from GG’s in Ft. Lauderdale – crunchy shell with fresh seared ahi tuna #sogood #welovethecrunch

Ahi tuna lovers will be a fan of these tacos!

Fried Oysters was next on our appetizer list. Fried Oysters are battered and crisped to perfection. The oysters are super crispy and when dipped into the sauce they were amazing. Certain pieces are better than others, as the bigger pieces end up having more breading than oyster. We found the medium sized pieces were best – an even amount of batter to oyster. 🙂 We decided the ratio of bread to oyster is a little off balance with larger pieces.

Fried Oysters from GG's Waterfront Bar and Grill in Ft. Lauderdale via
Fried Oysters – crunchy, flavorful, and delicious!

AND the BEST appetizer for last – Pow! Pow! Shrimp! These amazing little shrimps are served in a medium sized bowl and are covered in a FLAVORFUL sweet and spicy sauce topped with sesame seeds. Pow Pow Shrimp are fried, crunchy, have a kick from the sweet chili sauce, and are super addicting. This was our favorite dish ordered from GG’s and its safe to say there was not one left behind…

Pow Pow Shrimp from GG's in Ft. Lauderdale - so addicting you'll finish the whole bowl via
Pow! Pow! Shrimp from GG’s in Ft. Lauderdale – so addicting you’ll finish the whole bowl

The price and portion is unbeatable! I would never go back without ordering Pow Pow Shrimp!


GG’s Waterfront Bar and Grill is located right on the water with an amazing view. We were there during the sunset and it couldn’t have been better! It was originally a rainy day but the weather cleared up and the pretty Ft Lauderdale sunset was the perfect setting while enjoying our flavorful (and delicious) dishes.

GG’s is an awesome local spot for couples, friends, and families to come for specials or happy hour. If not during a special, expect to be spending a decent amount as GG’s is not the cheapest around. They offer a modern menu with exquisite cuisine and prices that match.

Have you ever been to GG’s? If so, what did you order? Feel free to leave a comment or email me.

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