Easy Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Easy Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Looking for a quick and delicious dinner you can make in 30 minutes? This homemade buffalo chicken pizza is sure to deliver – and definitely more healthy than ordering from a pizzeria.

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My boyfriend and I work full time corporate jobs and after we get home, work out, and finally get to relax we don’t want to spend all night cooking dinner. Of course there is always the option of ordering take out but then we would completely reverse all of our hard earned exercise! Obviously, this being a restaurant review blog we do order out and go to restaurants but we try to keep that to the weekends. So this leaves us looking for easy healthy dinners we can make that will not take all night (as we only have a couple hours before bed anyway – yeah, yeah we are in our twenties and go to bed early.. that’s what the cool kids do). Yes, this is a pizza but it has all low fat ingredients. This recipe is definitely one of our favorites not just because of how quick it is but the flavor is certainly not subdued by the swiftness! Added bonus – This recipe is so simple – there are very little pans, utensils, and ingredients involved. How glorious, less clean up! HOORAY!
We were inspired to create this dinner from none other the wonderful world of snapchat. We kept receiving mouthwatering snaps of buffalo chicken pizza from friends. My boyfriend, being the buffalo flavor fanatic that he is, finally said that’s it – We are making our own! And what kind of girlfriend would I be if I turned down making a healthier version of such a yummy pizza?? That’s right, an awful one 😉
I’m sure there are all kinds of different ways to create a buffalo chicken pizza – but this is our take on it. We use Simply Smart Perdue Chicken Tenders which have a great CRISPY coating (these are by far one of our favorite ingredients and we use them so many different ways when we are pressed for time). We have made our own chicken tenders numerous times from scratch – and yes, they are delicious – but using the Perdue tenders saves time and during the week time is valuable!

buffalo chicken pizza pre cooking
Before baking

If we are feeling weak and crazing pizza this is our go to option. The cheddar and mozzarella cheeseyness along with the crispy chicken tenders and buffalo sauce will deliver nothing short of what you would hope to get from ordering a pizza. We both like food HOT HOT HOT. So if you want to make your pizza a little spicier we recommend drizzling a liiiiitle Frank’s Hot Buffalo Sauce – not too much… a little goes a long way with that stuff! Originally, I was a wimp when it came to spicy foods but after dating this guy for a few years I’m now at his level 😀 One of the first dinners he ever made for me actually made me cry from the spicy-ness … yeah that was a little embarrassing… crying from a meal a guy has cooked for you and yet you aren’t even dating… oh well, here we are so something went right! 
So without further adiue, here is one of the easiest buffalo chicken pizza recipes around.


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Easy Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Recipe type: Dinner.. or lunch
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • Simply Smart perdue chicken tenders
  • Frank's buffalo sauce
  • Frank's buffalo hot sauce (if you have a spicier palate)
  • Fat free cheddar cheese
  • Low fat mozzarella
  • Pizza sauce
  • Pizza crust - any brand - we use Boboli Original which is great
  1. Cook 5 chicken tenders - place in oven at 425 for half the estimated time so about 5 minutes.
  2. Once cooked, cut chicken tenders in small ⅓ pieces and place in bowl.
  3. Add 3 tbls Franks buffalo sauce in bowl. Mix around to generously coat the chicken with sauce.
  4. Evenly spread pizza sauce onto pizza crust - usually uses about half of a 15 oz can.
  5. Put chicken tender pieces onto pizza crust. Space evenly throughout.
  6. Sprinkle desired amount of cheese over pizza. Feel free to use more of one kind if you prefer.
  7. If you want even spicier, drizzle a bit of Frank's Buffalo Hot Sauce over the pizza.
  8. Bake pizza directly on oven rack at 425 degrees for 8-10 minutes.

buffalo chicken pizza


I must warn you though … after making it once you will fall in love with all the many flavors- crispy, cheesy, saucy, and spicy… all in one!

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do! If you have any of your own simple recipes, please be sure to share in the comments or email me.

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